Monday, February 12, 2018

DIY card rack display

Hello hello,
I am so excited that I have to share with you my latest project.
For some time I have struggled with finding a proper method to display the latest cards in my craft room and also something to take with me when going to fairs.
Last week, we went to IKEA and among others I saw a beautiful frame with ropes for hanging pictures. I was so thrilled but then, because I try to do things on a budget, I tried to find an alternative to make my own. The frame was pretty expensive 😋
So I found a huge photo frame called SILVERHÖJDEN 50 x 70 cm, and I decided to build one.

Materials needed:
- photo frame

- wrapping paper from Sostrene Grene

- rope - mine is plastic and purple

With the help of my talented hubby we started the process.

Step one:
He drilled side holes from 15 and 17 cm.
Step 2:
He inserted rope threads and then we knotted on the backside.
Step 3:
Covered the plastic side with wrapping paper and then reassembled the photo frame. 

That's it, nothing fancy, nothing complicated but a very elegant result.


Hope you like our little project!Until next time, stay safe and huggies to all!

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