Sunday, February 25, 2018

Puppy love 💕

Hello, hello
Today I want to show you a card with puppies. Very easy to make and perfect for friends or acquaintances or simply for animal lovers.
I used a14x10 cm card stock base. On a blue piece of paper I stamped a tree branch with a bird nest and two little flying birds. They are from a stamp set I bought at Action shop in Germany,  clear stamps is the designer.
From another stamps set, from alliexpres, I stamped and colored the little puppies.
I added the lower part which was die cut and distressed with some purple ink.
Added the sentiment and Voilà! Hope you'll like it!
Until next time,  stay safe and Huggies all

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love bug card

Hello hello,
today I want to show a pretty and easy card I made using a very nice digi stamp created by Jen Evers from Koala T Crafts.

The card has a 12x11 cm base.
I cut a 10x11 piece of metallic grey card stock and I layered 3 types of washi tape in a V pattern.
I printed, colored with alcohol markers and fussy cut the love bug, added a little sparkle, which is not very visible due to poor light :(
I added the colored bug on a die-cut heart on which I also stamped and embossed the sentiment.
I also added 3 little  hearts and there it is :)
Really hope you will like it.

Until next time, huggies and stay safe!

Monday, February 12, 2018

DIY – card rack

DIY card rack display

Hello hello,
I am so excited that I have to share with you my latest project.
For some time I have struggled with finding a proper method to display the latest cards in my craft room and also something to take with me when going to fairs.
Last week, we went to IKEA and among others I saw a beautiful frame with ropes for hanging pictures. I was so thrilled but then, because I try to do things on a budget, I tried to find an alternative to make my own. The frame was pretty expensive 😋
So I found a huge photo frame called SILVERHÖJDEN 50 x 70 cm, and I decided to build one.

Materials needed:
- photo frame

- wrapping paper from Sostrene Grene

- rope - mine is plastic and purple

With the help of my talented hubby we started the process.

Step one:
He drilled side holes from 15 and 17 cm.
Step 2:
He inserted rope threads and then we knotted on the backside.
Step 3:
Covered the plastic side with wrapping paper and then reassembled the photo frame. 

That's it, nothing fancy, nothing complicated but a very elegant result.


Hope you like our little project!Until next time, stay safe and huggies to all!

AlliElla Craft: Kite card

AlliElla Craft: Kite card: Hello, hello  It has been 2 months since my last post, but today I would like to share with you something really nice. I made this intere...

Kite card

Hello, hello 
It has been 2 months since my last post, but today I would like to share with you something really nice.
I made this interesting card in the shape of a kite for a challenge on a facebook group that I am a part of - Exprima-te very scrap

So the topic was to create a card in the shape of a kite.

I have never done such a card so I made some research and found about the design of the layout.
I used a 12 x 30cm piece of card board of 160g. 

This is the guiding sketch.

After making my template I chose some patterned paper from my stash. I used some paper bought some time ago from Germany, from Action shop.

I decorated my kite with a stamped dream catcher on a piece of paper which was previously colored using permanent markers. Really like the effect :) 
I used a stripe of washi tape and some stamped clouds. On the front panel I used a die-cut heart on which I glued a sentiment on a velum piece of paper.
I added a piece of thread on which I added some ribbon bows.
Because I thought that the kite is pretty small, I decided to attach it to a 15x14.5 cm card base on which I applied another piece of patterned paper.
So, the final result ...

Hope you like it, until next time, be safe and huggies to you all!